Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Missing in Action

Anyone ever proclaimed you to be MIA? Friends, this is how I've felt for the last several months. Not saying I've liked it, but I suppose it has been necessary.

Back in the summer God surprised me by leading me in a direction I never thought I would go again. I've entered the world of educational interpreting for a deaf student. It's really funny to look back and see this full circle happening.

When I completed my BA, I interpreted in schools for all ages. However, a few years into this vocation saw me switching between icing and heating my arms each night and then sleeping in braces. I went back to school and upon receiving my MEd, I started teaching. I really felt that God wanted my interpreting reserved for ministry.

I've interpreted for our church services for ten years. During that time I also reentered education as an assistant part time but pursued my writing and publishing dream mostly.

I've often mentioned God nudges. Well, this interpreting position seemed like a God shove. My only concern was whether my arms could physically handle it since I'm not a spring chicken any more.

Let me say that so far, my arms are doing great. This is a definite God thing since I interpret all day long during the week in a high school setting and then also still interpret on Sundays.

Friends, please join me in prayer for our high school students. There is much darkness in the halls along with many disillusioned young people. My prayer each morning is that I will shine Jesus. So many need Him and don't even know it. Those who do have Him need encouragement to stick with their faith.

I'm not sure of all the reasons I am where I am, but God's leading demanded I step up.

How I've wanted to have a moment to share with my dear brothers and sisters in Christ here about my absence. I'm hoping to get back to regular posting.

Anyone else experience a sudden shove from God? Please share in the comments. I love it when we share our lives.

As always, I pray God blesses you in your season and situation no matter what it is.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Connecting It All

Now I have shared my nonnegotiable truths and offered the strategies I use to teach them.

Go back and look at your nonnegotiable truths. If you missed that post or want to review it, search in the archives for Nonnegotiable Truths.

Think of the strategies you could use to teach these truths to those you have influence over. List them and connect them with your truths to make sure you have covered them all.

This is a very important step to being intentional about passing on a Godly legacy.

Share a truth or strategy in the comments. You never know how you might help someone else in their strategy building.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Celebrate "God Things"

We praise our children and others for soccer goals and good grades. This builds their confidence. It can allow them to establish a healthy pride for doing a good job.

What have you most recently praised someone for?

However, do we also praise people for the "God things"? This might include learning the books of the Bible, memorizing scripture, or even establishing a regular quiet time.

My daughter was homeschooled, thus Bible was included as one of her classes. She was praised for memorizing scripture passages. It was amazing to watch her knowledge of Bible characters and stories increase. Most importantly, her understanding of what can be learned from scripture and applied to life was increased. She would often share with me what God wanted her to apply from her Bible study. Admittedly, I don't think I could praise her enough for these precious lessons.

We should praise our children and those we have influence over equally or maybe more for accomplishing milestones in their Christian walk. We should strive to build their confidence through encouraging them in the things of God. We celebrate birthdays, so why not celebrate "born again" day?

What things of God have you praised someone for?

When we praise and celebrate an occurrence or accomplishment, we show the priority and worth we attach to it. If we want our children and others to grasp that God and the things of God are important, then we must emphasize them.

Celebrating the things of God in our lives supports and continues the Christian legacy we strive to leave behind.

What kind of God celebrations could you include into your Christian legacy transmission?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Model It Part II

Admittedly, many of the things we learn are gained through example. And we are told in the Bible to follow our role model Jesus.

As Christians we are to imitate Christ and then pray that He would make us a worthy example to be copied.

If others were copying you in your Christian walk, would they be imitating Christ?

This is yet another tactic through which we convey our Christian legacy.

What would you want someone who considers you to be his or her role model to say about you?

When I consider those who are watching me, I have to examine myself constantly to make sure I'm living up to being copied. I fail miserably but that's not a reason to stop trying to be the best imitator of Christ I can be.

Thing is, we never know who is watching us. This is why I have begun to pray each morning to shine Jesus, whether at work, church, home or in my community. I'm a role model for Christ if I claim to be a Christian. Being a good role model is as much of an intentional act as passing on a Godly legacy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Model It

"Do as I say, not as I do." We all know that idea doesn't truly work, especially as parents.

I can tell my daughter that she needs to spend time in prayer and Bible study, but I I don't model it, she won't see the importance. When she sees me studying my Bible and praying, she has proof that doing these things have value. If I don't engage in these activities I require of her, I prompt doubt. She will wonder why she needs to study her Bible and pray.

There are many areas in life to model. Out reactions and attitudes in situations and with people are to be modeled. The Bible instructs us to treat others as better than ourselves. We can preach this, but the best way to convey this is to be kind to that unlovable person.

My husband has been the best role model for reading the Bible for personal study. He is a pastor and can struggle with not always studying the Word for his sermons. I usually see him pull out his Bible or his iPad in the evening at some point and read the Bible reading for his plan he has set for himself. This has been a great example for me and our daughter. We see that he values reading the Bible personally, not just for preparation for teaching or preaching.

Has someone in your life been a good role model for you?

Who was or is that person and what did or do they model for you?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

More on Staying Firm and Consistent

The consistency in passing along a Christian heritage can truly be difficult to maintain.

Often as my life becomes busy with a full time job and then coming home to another full time job of caring for my family, I let things slip. I'll neglect reading my Bible. I'll even barely go to the Lord in prayer. If I'm not being consistent in my Christian walk, it is difficult to convey the importance and need to others. But I have learned that at these times, I need to pray and read the Word more than ever.

Admittedly, I'll return to those teachable moments by admitting that I got off track and that it wasn't right. I need to repent and return to staying near to God through reading His Word and communicating through prayer.

God has called me to follow His precepts, not the world's. To ensure a Godly legacy I have to stay firm and consistent in teaching and emphasizing what God would endorse. If I know something wouldn't be acceptable to God, I should steer myself and those I have influence over away from it. I must teach others to do the same.

Staying firm and consistent in the ways of God is the right example for others to see. And God clearly instructs us not to conform to the ways of this world. We are to be different.

Will we take some ridicule for it? Probably.

Will we be labeled too strict? Sure.

Will we be found faithful in transmitting this all-important Christian heritage? Yes, servant, you will!

What struggles have you experienced in staying firm and consistent in passing along a Godly legacy?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Stay Firm and Consistent

Do you struggle with consistency?

I've always heard that parents must remain firm and consistent in disciplining their children. When we aren't firm and consistent, our children can become confused about what is acceptable behavior or what is truly right or wrong.

This idea of being firm and consistent transfers into passing along a Godly legacy. In this I must remain consistent.

When my daughter was a teenager, her father and I were fairly restrictive on what she watched on television and the movies she saw. One day she approached me rather upset because some of her peers had teased her because she hadn't watched a particular TV show. She went on to explain that her friend told her this was a good show and she should try it some time. Because these friends were from the youth group at church, I decided that we would watch an episode together. We lasted about two minutes before I abruptly turned it off. The language and morals portrayed were not appropriate for a Christian of any age.

I have been labeled overly-protective, old-fashioned, and strict by people in my own family, but I cannot allow the world to creep in and desensitize us to God's will. When we watch what the world watches or listen to what the world listens to, we are conforming to the world. The more we engage in what the world offers, the more the lines of Godly discernment blur.

Do you find that others label you strict because you desire to follow God's commands consistently?